iXP Series

Convenient control with a single touch! A user-oriented interface, enhanced performance, and soft and quick screen switching and respond speed to touch! Meet iXP series of LSIS that genuinely and fully connects humans with equipments.


High Speed

The Safety input function meets EN ISO 13849-1 PLd and EN 61508 SIL2 (En 60204-1, stop category 0).

Large Memory

Large device memory is provided to save mass data.

Presence Sensor

Sensor detects movement within 1m, to control the backlight, ensuring a longer life of the product.

More Colorful

High luminance/resolution LCD with an LED backlight and 24 bit colors to express clear and vivid colors of 16,777,216.

1 Respective Front USB Host/Device Channel

An additional USB host channel is installed in the front panel.
A front USB host is used to connect to a USB memory, mouse and keyboard.
A front USB device port is used to change the XP-Runtime without opening a control panel or download/upload the drawing file created using XP-Builder.

Sound Output Function(For all iXP models)

The sound files (wav, mp3) registered using XP-Builder can be output to speakers connected to HMI.
An alarm is generated via speakers to warn operators.
Up to 512 sound files can be saved.

Function to use SD Cards

Function to use SD Cards

Presence Sensor (For all iXP models)

The XP presence sensor detects movement within 1m to turn on a backlight.
When not used, it turns OFF the screen to maintain a longer lifespan of the backlight.