XGB Series

XGB Expansion Module

For sensor switch, control of temperature, weight, flow, motor, actuator, and even highly precise positioning control, XGB series offer diverse special modules such as analog, HSC, and positioning to satisfy complicated industrial needs.


  • Extensive Client Messaging Support
  • Encapsulated Messages, UCMM Explicit Messagin , Class 3 Connected Explicit Messaging(Server Only) , Class 1 Connected Implicit(IO) Messaging(Cyclic I/O Service Only)
  • EtherNet/IP Conformance Test Suite Version 2.10
  • 100BASE-TX , 100Mbps/ Full Duplex
  • Max.2ea available on 1 Main Unit
  • No additional switch or hub (built-in switch)
  • Wiring reduction and flexible installation
  • Auto cross over function
  • Various diagnostic function and network status information
  • Communication module status , P2P status , Auto Scan function , Packet and data status